BCM300 – Initial Individual Game Ideas

Eliza Appel

Throughout our most recent lesson, we had a go at brainstorming ideas for an individual game. Through the intense 10 minute – 10 games activity I came up with a range of historically based themes. Including Alexander’s Conquest, Boudicca Begins and Gladiator Showdown. The ancient history theme really stuck with me as it has a range of resources and real life events to draw from, but not necessarily turning it into a fully historically accurate game. This of course would depend on what audience, and their age, I decide to direct the game at.

The Floor is Lava‘ was mentioned within the class and it drew me to the idea of a volcano, namely a volcano erupting. Hence “Escape the Volcano” or perhaps “Volcano Run”! The initial idea would be literally to outrun a volcano and get out of the city to safety. But along the way there…

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