Pitching ‘The Mars Expedition’

Since the Easter long-weekend, Aiman, Chloe and I began developing the pitch presentation for our game ‘The Mars Expedition’. In developing this pitch, I have come to realise just how much research and steps are involved in developing a board game.

One of the trickier aspects, for me personally, was to do with the financial and business side, which was my designated area for the presentation. Developing this pitch required me to think about how to estimate potential costs (wages, printing, illustrations etc.). Although we didn’t settle on a possible estimate, it did get us to seriously consider all the steps involved in financing a board game. In spite of the fact that we never reached the stage of developing a physical prototype, our research concluded that the budget for developing a board game generally range from $3000-$10000 (and that’s only to cover the design and promotion of the product).

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 4.24.33 PM

In addition to the financial aspect, we also had to think about potential game distributors. Thankfully, a forum post on Board Game Geek provided us with a solid starting point for finding various Australian-based board game distributors, such as Seropeco and 93madegames .However, as a group we also considered Pandemic! publisher Z-man Games and Let’s Play Games, which appears to be particularly geared towards RPG-style games.

Developing this pitch presentation has significantly changed the way I was going to approach my individual game design, particularly regarding the ambition and scope of my ideas. Do I scale my idea down and keep it simple, and minimise financial cost? Or do I risk huge financial costs , in favour of providing players with a complicated but hugely ambitious experience? These are the kind of questions that I have been asking myself since developing the pitch.



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