Group Project: Individual Contribution


Over the last few weeks, my group and l have been developing our board game, ‘Restaurant Race’. In class we debated and discussed various ideas to improve on the mechanisms and narrative of the game. The group effort in developing our game was evenly spaced between each member in the group. The amazing illustrations were designed by group member Dawn.

In my previous blog post Group Project: Game Narrative, l discussed ‘Burger up’ as a comparable product in the market. As l had begun research on this aspect, l suggested that l would research further and complete this element for the group game pitch. BoardGameGeek, was a great resource in finding similar games. The three l found most relevant, were, ‘Burger Up’ (similar concept, however focuses on the best burger), ‘La Bistro’ (focuses more on profits, investing and expansion) and ‘Wok Star’ (uses the mechanism of cooperative play, where…

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