Group Game Pitch Reflection

homebrew drafts.

My contribution to the pitch for Sitcom! went through a couple of changes – we initially had a third group member who dropped the subject on short notice. Nonetheless, Brendon and I split the difference – I worked on the narrative, rules, mechanics and card design, and we collaborated on investigating game distribution. Good Games and Ventura Games were my personal picks for distributor – Brendon agreed on Good Games (mainly on the grounds of it having an international presence, which Ventura lacked) as well as 93 Made Games, an Australian indie game specialist.

Considering I’d drafted the rules for the game well in advance, we didn’t have to worry too much about drafting or editing rules, just some minor additions. We added, then removed, then added again, abilities specific to each player role – most crucially, the Executive is able to overrule the group decision during the ‘pitch’…

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