BCM300 – Contribution to Prototype Pitch

Eliza Appel

Our group pitch for our game Arsonist Al, although running a bit over time, was rather successful. We split our presentation into four parts, narrative, mechanics, similar games and cost/distribution. This allowed each of our group to go into the presentation individually, edit their part and speak on what they had written about. We combined previous blog posts and did extra research in order to develop the pitch.

My individual contribution including setting up the Prezi, each of the topics within it and the general layout. No one in our group had previously used Prezi but the end result was a well organised pitch.

My section of the presentation was game distribution and cost. This section of the blog required more research than other components. I researched a few different publishers but came across a rather new indie Australian distributer, Good Games Publishing that seemed to fit what I thought…

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