BCM300 Analysis of Galaxy Trucker

Mark Johnson

Galaxy Trucker started out as a confused mess of instructions and turned into an amazing board game experience. I haven’t had too much hands on with other complex games but Galaxy Trucker felt alike to many other games I have played.
The video game FTL has a similar aesthetic and strategy ship game play.

Galaxy Trucker was initially released in 2007 developed by Vladimir Chvatil (known professionally as Vlaada Chvatil), with graphics by Radim Pech. With many localisations and video game adaptions in the following years.

My classmates and I were staring almost blankly at all of the 7 pages of instructions, YouTube tutorials seemed like the only way to wrap my head around starting the game.
After that the mechanics flowed well and everything had its place in the scope of the game.

The first element of the game that caught my eye as to be unique in board games was…

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