Rules of the restaurant race!

Jenna Fairweather blog

With a good game comes a decent set of rules, and in turn, interesting game mechanics. Rules enable the game to involve strategy and avoid cheating. Within the game I have previously blogged about; ‘Restaurant Race’, my team and I have come up with various rules and game mechanics to help ensure this game is interesting, fun and sustainable.

What’s involved in a turn:

The player who’s turn it is has 3 options on their turn. Foremost, they must choose either strategy card or 2 category cards (from the option of 3 laid out).

From here they are able to decide whether or not to put the category cards on their restaurant board, trade cards with another player, or play any of their strategy cards.

Strategy is first formed at the beginning of the game when each player receives their stat cards for their restaurant. Their stat cards inform them…

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