The mechanics of Restaurant Race

This is the second blog based on the prototyped board game ‘Restaurant Race’ (originally called Mystery Meat), to find out about the narrative of the game check out this blog.

Below you will find the mechanics that were decided on for the game based on the narrative that was posted last week.

What’s involved in a turn:

Must pick up 1 strategy card or 2 category cards (from either the 3 laid out or from the pile).


  • Play any of their strategy cards
  • Trade cards between others
  • Put categories and stars on their restaurant board


  1. The youngest player starts first and then clockwise from there
  2. Players can’t make any moves until it’s their turn unless it is a strategy card to stop another player from a negative action against them.
  3. Can only pick up 1 strategy card or 2 category cards during a turn.
  4. Categories can’t be moved…

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