Group Game Mechanics: Back & Forth


This weeks seminar focused on our group discussing the mechanics of our game ‘Back & forth‘. In order to really hone in on finalising the mechanics, algorithms and rules of the game we each took a specific section to focus on. Each person was given a section to define and further develop, which can be referred to as follows:

  1. Liam – Background Research
  2. David – Mechanics
  3. Noelle – Set Up/Board Descriptions
  4. Mel – Scenarios

When looking at topics of the three different scenarios, we all agreed we wanted scenarios that are relatable, funny and relevant to all society. We decided to split the scenarios into three different categories to give people an equal chance to debate. With help from Chris, we established (1) pop culture, (2) survival and (3) battle of wits as our categories. Each category would have debate style scenario questions that will allow players to…

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