BCM 300 Blog Post 2

Our game idea is based on heroic firefighters trying to stop an arsonist from setting fire to a town. The working title is “Arsonist Al” which portrays the arsonist character by the name of Al, and three firefighter characters attempting to stop the blaze from reaching the town.

The board includes terrain such as grass, trees, ponds, roads, and rock. These board pieces, each with individual properties, change the course, speed up, or stop the fire in its tracks.

The arsonist begins by placing the fire down on the board whilst the firefighters decide their starting positions.

The arsonist starts the fire and continuously chains the fire towards the town which is hidden by the firefighters. Whilst the arsonist is setting fires the firefighters are working together to put out the fire by the arsonist. There is also NPC police who gradually work towards capturing the arsonist.

The goal of the arsonist is to set fire to the town before he inevitably gets captured by the police.

The design of the board was undecided. The board could consist of square tiles, pitting the arsonist on one side and the firefighters on the other. The firefighters would go from one side to the other in order to put out the fire.  The other option for the board design was having a circular board with the arsonist in the middle and the firefighters starting on the outside and working their way towards the centre of the circle to put out the fire.

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