BCM 300 Blog Post 3

We decided that there were 4 main categories for our game, we split our posts into 4 seperate ways. Jei discusses the pieces and physical elements of the game. Eliza discusses what players can do each turn. Blake discusses how the game begins and ends. I discuss the effect of the terrain cards.

Arsonist Al is a two to four player game with a rectangular board consisting square tiles. The NPC detective takes 20 turns to reach the arsonist. The arsonist wins by setting fire to the town which is located at the opposite end of the board. The firefighters win by preventing the fire from reaching the town in 20 turns. The arsonist starts at one end with the firefighters at the other end. The Arsonist begins their turn by placing fires on the board. The amount of fires placed is determined by the amount of firefighters playing. The arsonist will then select a “terrain card” for each fire placed. The terrain cards can be an advantage or disadvantage to the arsonist, the cards can also be neutral (+1, -1, 0). A “+1 card” means the arsonist can extend the fire for another tile. A “-1 card” means the fire on that tile will be put out. A “0” (neutral) card means nothing further happens. Each card will have a scenario depicting what has happened, giving meaning to why that tile became a +1, -1 or 0. An example is “Eucalyptus Tree, ignites easily, add another fire tile. After the card has been revealed, a marker of the same colour of cards will be placed on the selected tile. The markers will be green for +1, blue for -1 and white for 0.


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