Sitcom! Mechanics & Costs

homebrew drafts.

In developing Sitcom!, my group (Brendon and myself) have roughly divided our roles for our group pitch based around an early draft of the rules I wrote during a particularly boring day at work. We all collaborated to edit the rules into a state that made more sense (streamlining card roles so that each player’s cards focus specifically on one metric instead of two) and developed a more effective turn order.

Mechanically, we’ve elected to gear the game more towards the economic aspects of producing a TV series by combining cards and dice mechanics into an asymmetrical, co-operative game. Each player takes a different role and a deck of cards corresponding to that role. Additionally, the Budget mechanic (expressed by rolling 2d6 each turn) randomises revenues available to continue production of each episode by representing x mllions of dollars available – all cards except for those of…

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