Game Prototype: Odds On (Narrative and Story)

Abby Poposki

It’s a Saturday night and you’re at a house party. The pumping atmosphere is barely existent and you’re ready to leave early, despite the fact you’ve only been there an hour. Someone calls you over to the dining room table with a group people sitting around it. On it there are two separate stacks of cards and a pile of betting chips. It’s the betting game, Odds On, your party favourite. 

The person turns to you and asks,”Who are your odds on?”

In Week Three, we were asked to create a narrative for our game prototype. Odds On is a fun betting game that encourages friendly competition between friends and provides a great icebreaker at parties, without the pressure of alcohol. It is an abstract party game, that has no narrative objective other than to be the overall winner and to have fun. There are scenario cards and power cards…

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