Game Prototype: Odds On (Mechanics)

Abby Poposki

In Week Four, we were asked to create mechanics and rules for our game.  We chose to create a betting game using a card format that would encourage the players to place bets for their loser of the round. Odds On uses a similar betting mechanic to the game Billionaire Banshee. In Billionaire Banshee, each player bets on if their friend will decide to date the potential soulmate, despite the quirk.

In this game, it follows the format of ‘most likely to’ where a player picks up a card from a deck of 40 and it dictates a scenario. Scenarios can range from:

a) tame e.g. ‘Odds on ____ being the one to fall down the stairs


b) insane e.g. ‘Odds on ____ being the one to die first in a zombie apocalypse because they were already in a coma

Each player then has 30 seconds (unless stated otherwise)…

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