Back & Forth – Research and Inspiration

Liam Prince

Back and forth is in action and this week for focused on the specifications of the game. Our group of 4 Noelle, David, Mel and myself split the game into four categories. Noelle was taking care of the Set up, David the Mechanics, Mel the scenarios and I would look into games with similarities and how we decided on the game process.

When I began to research, I found a few games that were similar to our game. The first game I came across is a 2005 board games called Argue by Richard Halpern, Eric White. This game is a 3-10 player game; the players are paired which is automatically done with a player assignment card that is given with the game. The two chosen by the card are to argue the topics they are given such as “Who would win in a fight, Mary Poppins or Judge Judy?”. This game…

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