I Love My Trivia, But I Love Lying Even More!

Welcome to the Machine

Our mission – (accepting was not negotiable) was to come up with a concept for a board game and develop it to prototype stage. Easy right? Yes – if you are Ben and grew up in a family playing a lot of games, with a competitive mother who didn’t like to lose and other siblings all vying for the position of winner, a healthy amount of lying and cheating, and voila, you have the recipe for our game ‘That’s Bullshit’! Based loosely around Trivial Pursuit, it is a game where the winner is the player with the best general knowledge coupled with the ability to lie convincingly. Ben, one of the team working on this crazy concept, declared at our last meeting, “I love my trivia, but I love bullshiting even more!”. Perfect for our game.

article-1283588-09DC0D60000005DC-236_468x297 Chris Haney with a Trivial Pursuit prototype         …

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