Group Project- The Mars Expedition

In class this week, we began working, in groups, on concepts/themes for a new board game. My class mate Aiman and I were quick to decide that we would develop and base the concept, around the style of an RPG game. Our concept is heavily influenced by games like Pandemic! and to a lesser extent Flashpoint and will be equally reliant on team-orientated.

The game, currently titled “The Mars Expedition” is set in the future where Earth’s supplies and resources have been destroyed by nuclear material and humans are now being relocated to Mars, to build a new civilisation. However, with Mars’ population rapidly outgrowing its existing resources, those already on Mars are beginning to turn on each other and resorting to cannibalism.

When information regarding the crash of a shipment of Earth’s final useable resources comes to light,  5 members of a local settlement  (the players) must circumnavigate the treacherous terrain and monstrous creatures and people to obtain the remaining resources and successfully return it to their settlement.


The five members on the expedition consist of:

Military Operative (specialised in combat and weaponry)

Medic ( Specialist Healer)

Harvester (Expert in resource knowledge, KEY MEMBER)

Engineer ( can easily avoid terrain-based obstacles)

Navigator ( obtains the co-ordinates of the crashed shuttle)

If both the harvester and the navigator die, the game is lost. If cannibals reach the crash site first, the game is lost. Much like Pandemic!, the game will not have players pitted against each other, but will instead rely on players working strategically together to beat the game engine. In the coming weeks, Aiman and I will be focusing on the specific mechanics and more technical aspects, so stay tuned!

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