Group Game Narrative – Sitcom!

homebrew drafts.

This week, Brendon and I developed Sitcom! (working title), a 4-player co-op card game centred around creating a TV show capable of beating a long-running, ostensibly unfunny situational comedy (or sitcom, for short) before it reaches the end of yet another season. Players achieve this by taking roles of crew members in the production of a fledgling TV show and playing cards to create an episode that will rate better than the sitcom on four key metrics: Marketing, Ratings, Production and Story. 

At the beginning of the game, players choose, or are assigned, one of four roles: the Executive, the Director, the Producer and the Writer, each with a different ability. Each role also has its own deck of cards that are played to comprise part of an episode’s production, and tend to focus on giving bonuses to two specific metrics relating to the role of that character in the…

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