Dice Island: Narrative

Dice Island: Narrative

Ray Nguyen

As Moore (2018) discussed in his BCM300 seminar, games are efficient means of conveying ideas, stories, philosophies and ideologies. In order to make a game, we need to focus on two aspects: story (narratives) and mechanics (rules). These two aspects need to work together so as for a smooth gameplay.

In this week, my group of 4 undertake a task of developing our own board game called ‘Dice Island’. In this blog, I will indicate our game’s story that we discussed in class.

The narrative of our group’s game Dice Island is about 2-4 players who are the survivors of an airplane crash and they were washed up on a deserted island. The goal is to leave the island and get back to the human world safe and sound. To do that, players need to build a raft from scratch by gathering available resources on the island and some supplies…

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