Game Analysis : Chin Music!

Chin Music!



This game is made by Talen Lee who is part of Invincible Ink a community of independent artists and game developers who create their own analogue and digital games.

Chin music! is a card game that relies heavily on memory and bluffing, the deck has 38 cards in total and requires 2-6 people to play. It is an incredibly fast paced game where you throw a card down and yell the word then the next person throws one down and yells both your word and theirs and it continues on. For example “Bash”, “Bash that!”, “Bash that What for!” on so on and so on until someone forgets the order or gets called out for saying the wrong thing. The concept behind saying all these old timey fighting words is that there is a group of no-good ruffians outside the local tavern making a fuss and the players have to handle them, so you go around the circle saying just what you’re gonna do to these people.

Along with memory and good luck this game also has a decent amount of improvisation involved as the players when forgetting the order can bluff and make it up, then when the next player follows their bluff you can call them out and they end up taking the whole pile. Of course they can also call you out if they believe you are lying and whichever player was wrong ends up taking the pile. The game ends when a player has zero cards left making them the one that has to deal with those ruffians. Chin Music! from my personal experience is a fun and quick game, easy to get the hang of but not basic in any sense as memorising gets harder as you go on and lastly it is very well designed rule wise and aesthetically.

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