Chin Music: Analysis of User Experience

The card graphics reflect the game’s cringe-worthy street hip-hop theme (image taken in BCM300 seminar)

Chin music is a twist on classic memory card games. It requires its users to effectively compose their own rap. The game is produced by Invincible Ink. It plays out in a style reflective of the iconic car-trip game or icebreaker, When I Went Shopping; each player must remember and recite the entirety of the deck before adding their own card on top. Many of the words are onomatopoeic (“biff, boffo, whack”), creating tongue-twisting, awkward sounding raps absolutely bereft of logical meaning.  The results resemble a truncated Shakespearean soliloquy. 

Rulebook: Design v Play

Because reciting the rap wrong means collecting the entire deck of cards, and thus having a smaller chance of winning, it was imperative to memorise the phrasing effectively. Interestingly enough, if you could ramble on with enough confidence, your bluff could…

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