Galaxy Trucker


Naturally being of the the mainstream consumer my board game playing usually consisted of ‘Monopoly’ as I’m sure everyone did, ‘Cluedo,’ ‘Snakes and Ladders,’ and my favourite of them all good old ‘Uno’ but once reaching the end of high school craving more challenging games that make you have to think with my friends branched out into some very attractively fun games such as ‘Coup,’ ‘Resistance,’ ‘Ultimate Werewolf and Vampire,’ and ‘Tortuga.’ (Tortuga you’ve got to check it out so fun)

Just as those games tested wit and strategy of playing, being introduced to ‘Galaxy Trucker’ expands my love of challenging games even more so. It combines strategy and quick thinking into a game involving chance but easily and effectively does so by separating the two ideas into two segments of the game, the build then…

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