Liam Prince

Codenames is a 4-8 player game that was created by Vlaada Chvátil 2015 and published by Czech Games in 2015. Twenty-five code name cards are laid out in a 5×5 in a grid form. The spymasters are given a map card showing layout of the grid with randomized colours, each corresponding to one of the code name cards on the table. The spymaster gives a hint about the words on the grid, to match their respective colour on the map card. Each hint can only be one single word and a number. The spymaster gives a hint that is related to as many of the words their teams’ cards as possible, but avoiding the colour of the other team – the other team places their card on the correct guesses unless they accidentally choose the place of an innocent bystander, an opposing agent, or the assassin (the black card). The…

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