BCM 300 – Splendor Analysis

Eliza Appel

Splendor, released in 2014, is a fast paced card and chip collecting game that can be played with 2-4 players. With an average 30 minutes gameplay, it’s technicality and difficulty is relatively low. Designed within the Renaissance, players aim to gain points through a system of gem collecting, building mines, creating transport and forging places to sell these gems. The first player to gain 15 points becomes the winner.

Marc André is the author of Splendor. It was his second published game, his first game with another developer. Space Cowboys is a relatively new game making  publisher founded in 2013. Splendor became their first published game to much success. The creation and distribution of the game is all centred within the French gaming scene however the publisher’s brought on a series of American employees in order to expand the outreach of the games created and to blend both American…

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