My PANDEMIC Experience


Pandemic is unlike any other board game I have ever played. It is not like your typical game such as monopoly, which is heavily relied on the competitiveness of its players; rather it promotes cooperation and a combined effort of all the players to complete and win the game.

IMG_7119.JPGPandemic was designed by Matt Leacock and published by Z-Man Games in 2007. In Pandemic, there are four viral diseases that have broken out simultaneously all over the world. The game is usually for 2-4 players with each having specialised roles to treat disease hotspots and cure the four viruses. It starts at the CDC headquarters (Atlanta) with having other major cities across the world already having disease breakouts. The concept of the game is that the players each have 4 turns in each round to move around the board and use their actions to cure these disease hotspots. After…

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