Machi Koro – City Builder

Machi Koro is an award-winning competitive table-top board game focused on city building. As the name would suggest it originates from Japan, Machi Koro translating to Dice Town in English. The game was first published by Japanese company Grounding Inc and has been several languages, with IDW Games and Pandasaurus Games both releasing English language versions of the game.  The aim of the game is to build a city the most efficiently with the aim of constructing their landmarks fastest, with players relying upon chance and their own strategy to win.

IMG_20180309_135604-01.jpeg Dice, Currency, Primary Industry, Secondary Industry and Landmark Cards

To begin the game each player receives four unconstructed ‘landmark’ cards, a set amount of currency, a primary industry and secondary industry starter card. Each turn consists of a dice roll, card activation, income and (potential) industry and property investment. Different dice rolls activate certain cards, which earn players income to invest in…

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