Tis the Season for Board Game Reviews

A Minute in the Life

Let’s start off on an honest note: I don’t play many board games. I also don’t review them. Beyond the classic of monopoly (which is now rightfully banned from my house) and a sneaky game of Articulate every now and then, I’m pretty much lost when it comes to the world of board games. So, buckle up and get ready for my attempt to give an in-depth view from a newbie’s perspective of a game called Seasons.

I’ll start with another confession, my group in class picked Seasons because it looked like it was going to be easy. We were wrong. It’s very simple and kind striking cover graphics didn’t prepare us for the feeling of dread that came with opening the box to find a million different, very complicated (and very beautiful) pieces.

The front cover of Season is beautiful.

The Good Stuff (The Pieces)

Seasons doesn’t actually have…

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