Squatter: how to simplify farming for the family to enjoy

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So I’m back at it again at the dry humour that is guaranteed to go over your head thanks to my sub-par joke telling skills, also more media blogs and whatnot for the forth year running, and this sessions major topic is Gaming Culture.

The topic that I am tackling today is on the (in their words) ‘classic Australian board game’ known simply as Squatter and I have to say they’ve done a pretty good job of making an exiting game about an occupation that is about 40% hard work and 60% watching the crops gsquatter board.jpgrow and observing the livestock to make sure they remain healthy till they’re shipped off to become produce. Created by Bob Lloyd the game plays like the Settlers of Catan with a touch of Monopoly, with tiles on the board for your livestock in the middle and the monopoly style layout around the edges of…

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