The outline for my dossier

It’s been a interesting thirteen weeks and I have learnt a lot about myself and the complex programs that are used in the special effects industry. My project didn’t get developed as much as I would have liked, but that has been the most important thing I have learnt is to do one step at a time and set suitable time frames.

With this in mind, my dossier will include information in regards to my overall project but will mainly focus on Houdini and what I have learnt in the process.

My scene has a title, because of the trouble I had early on I have decided to call it “The Stormy Sea of Hell”. This name is still in a work in progress but I found it suitable for the time being.

Having to downgrade software meant that I couldn’t render the final project to the size I was hoping. Over the break I will be doing more research and plan on recreating the scene in Houdini 15.5 which I currently hold a non-commercial license and not restricted by apprentice limitations like only being able to export in 4:3 aspect ratio.

I did however get pretty far with Houdini 15 until I had to map the UV’s (this means projecting a 2D image on a 3D surface). This is where I had to downgrade as the process the tutorial was using has been reworked dramatically between Houdini 13 and 15.

In my dossier I have tried to explain in some detail the process of making this scene, but I have also tried to keep it simple so someone with little to no technical background in 3D or special effects will understand.


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