So I have started to sit down and write the rules, and one of the things I hadn’t really accounted for was how impersonal the rules are.  The rules are there to be a list of instructions to make play as simple as possible, and while this is great for playing, and some sass will still be included in the way I set them out; I wanted to get the players into the mind of the various freelance roles they would be embodying.  As such; I wrote what I would consider to be a pretty kick ass backstory.

Suggestions/feedback are welcome; but for now, the backstory exists as is below:

You sit down at your computer. It’s 1pm, you’re still in your pjs, and your cat is actually a really good foot warmer. You check your email to find four unread messages. The first talks about how comic sans is a must have for their company’s new website. The second makes excuses for not paying you on time. The third wants everything done by yesterday. And the fourth wants to know why you haven’t replied to their hourly texts which started coming in at 5am.

Yep, you’re a freelancer.

Sure, you may get to choose your working hours and pick and choose jobs which you want to take on, but in order to make ends meet, you’ll need to buckle down and overcome some serious challenges; from creative blocks, to difficulty finding work, lack of funds, or even rivalry between other freelancers in your field!  Sacrifices will need to be made, whether it’s giving exposure to other players, or taking up a part time job to supplement your income, though while you labour through the process of creating name for yourself – earning exposure through small time, one-off freelance jobs; you keep your eye on the end goal: getting a full time job.

So go out and expose yourself!  Build up your skills, because after all, freelancing isn’t just about the techniques in the creative practice, it’s about knowing how to execute the tricks of the trade: balance, networking, time management and creating!

Brace yourself darling; freelancing isn’t for the faint of heart.



  1. Hey Elysse,

    I found the backstory to be written to a high standard it made me imagine that I wasn’t in the cold weather we are experiencing at the moment and being a freelancer myself I was able to relate to it a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

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