Playtest #4

For some reason the link is broken.  Apologies.

Here is a working link:

elysium design utopia

This playtest was a little different to the other times; instead of bringing the game along to a group who was aware of it from my constant chatter, I brought it along to my extended family weekend away – more with the intent to update all of the cards, even out the earnings within the game.  While I spent an afternoon working on the game, I told my cousin, Caitlin, about the idea, some of the mechanics, and thoughts about the freelance industry which lead to the creation of the game.  Somehow, I convinced my siblings (Jonathan and Emily) and cousins (Caitlin and Christopher) to then play it with me later that night.


This is the closest I’ve come to finishing the game, because the group picked up the rules a lot more quickly than people have in the past – hopefully that’s a sign of the game developing to…

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