Part 5

Now that I have had all semester to adapt my game idea I have finally come up with, what I believe to be, the perfect game that The Battlefield can be. I have been able to get an amount of variance with the points value of each card and how many cards carry the same value. The same goes with the cards of a higher value (10-15 points) where you don’t want to have a lot of them where one player could possibly get a huge advantage straight away but you want them to come into play so there is always a challenge. It is always in my mind when planning the card game out of creating the right balance.

I really hope that, from the way I have set out my game, it has created a system where the strategy is always changing from game to game. Everyone thinking on their feet would be the best outcome from my game. Hopefully, once someone thinks they have mastered the strategy, waiting to place their ace card at a certain time in the game, someone else comes along and improves upon that strategy which could lead into some interesting gameplay between different groups of people.

In my dossier I aim to elaborate on research that I have done since the first week of the semester. I also would like to show the progress and how the game developed in a more in depth way that 500 words couldn’t do justice.

Sadly, time management hasn’t been great so I have not been able to get the deck of cards and put the artwork on them. I have decided to just name each card and which part of the board they can be played in, their respective point values, and specifically, for the Lieutenant Cards, what their abilities are.

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