A New Hope Pt 4

After problems and road blocks I have changed my existing game into a new. For my original idea it was a first person shooter however this has changed to a co-operative role playing game such as Dungeons and dragons style. The new and improved part to this story is:

You are five lone survives trapped upon an unknown planet as your ship crash landed into the utopian world. Your ship has spread its vast amount of metal (7 – 10 pieces to collect) across the land in which you need to repair the ship with but be warned as enemy (can encounter from 1 – 7 anytime) creatures that shapeshift are near.

The five main characters to choose from are still out of Marcus (Special Forces), Victor (Captain),  Laura (Doctor), Scott (Engineer) and Wilson the Robot. However I did forget one player in which is the narrator and controls the actions of the enemy. Their health will begin at an average 10 healing points and their weapons they hold would be equal to that of a 6 sided dice roll per turn when encountering an enemy. With each having their key attributes such as Dexterity, strength, constitution, intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma. The amount given to each attribute is done after rolling a 20 sided dice for everyone.

But with each player you get an added point to your already existing attributes. This is judged by rolling a 20 sided dice for each attribute than adding the extra on top such as Laura is a medic so she would inherit a +2 to intelligence while Victor is a Captain that would add +2 wisdom. Marcus will get +2 Dexterity due to his speed, Scott +2 to strength and Wilson will get +1 to every attribute as he can heal, lift and help fellow players with anything needed.

I used these numbers because I play tested a different versions of dungeons and dragons with a few of my friends in the simplest way I could think of. This dungeons and dragons versions was a zombie outbreak had in habited the land. The key areas I found I needed to improve was the amount of health given to a player which I gave them 15 hp had been too much. Than I did not give any added bonuses to classes in which they did not seem to like plus I bombed the map with heaps of supplies and weapons that made the game too easy.

So with the new way of the game just needing dice, Maps (if you choose to build them yourself), a story and players I thought of a different way I should distribute and market my game. I checked a large amount of game websites that help with kick-starters which are Humble bundle, Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter. Yet this was if I could make an actual video game. I believe if I still was to try and distribute the game it wouldn’t involve cost but rather the freedom for people to take the inspiration and grow on it till it was to make a video game sequel. I would probably use the world of social media to capture an audience in to help me grow it.


  1. I think your project would work well as a cooperative RPG, and even potentially as a board game! I reccomend perhaps designing a sample event posing some form of challenge which you’ll be able to prepare and bring in to class to play test with a few people. That way you’ll receive a bunch of useful comments that’ll be instrumental in guiding your progress, (esp. instrumental in writing your dossier!)

    Perhaps check out some of the events/quests/layouts of other sci fi tabletop RPGs. I’m sure there’ll be some cool wikia pages dedicated to specific tabletop RPGs that may have quest lines outlined. I reccomend checking out this link: http://web.mit.edu/starflt/Backup/Temp/SoSt-SerenityRPG.pdf
    It should take you to the pdf of the guidebook for the Serenity Role Playing Game which may inspire you!

    I think once fleshed out your project could potentially become pretty popular! It also really opens itself up to expansion packs, especially if you create an interesting world. Best of luck with it.

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  2. I look forward to it, mainly because whenever i hear about tabletop games i usually always hear Dungeons and Dragons and Magic, and i never see a sci fi table top game (i’m sure there’s some out there). I’m also interested to see if players will only get to roll one dice at a time or 2 or 3 or something on those lines

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  3. I think by transitioning from FPS to Co-op RPG, you definitely change the focus from the individual to a collective gaming experience. This is particularly brilliant for narrative creation which leads itself to further participatory engagement and activity, which equals fun! However, I feel that this game could work as effectively, perhaps even more so, by playing on a digital platform. On the initial reading, I read this new iteration to be a Neverwinter Nights cross Shadowrun: Hong Kong type game (both being video games heavily rooted in the table-top DnD type RPG games). It will definitely help with expanding player base due to the internet, although I can see the benefits with an actual table-top game; namely physical player face-to-face interaction which is something so intrinsic to the analogue gaming experience.

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