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Just realized I hadn’t addressed how I planned to release my project, so here’s a belated post on the “platforms, marketing, production, distribution channels and consumer concerns” relating to my game, which will now be called ‘Supreme Leader’.

Living in Australia I am used to paying in far excess then my international counterparts for the same video game releases, this is addition to my desire to avoid piracy, [as it gives me an insurmountable sense of self-superiority] has developed my appreciation of the exuberantly high price of admission Australian’s pay to play.

As a result of this project I have been forced to look at the Australian videogame market from a different perspective, beyond just the consumer, but as a would be producer. This high retail costs, matched with the federal governments long history of rejecting the R18+ rating system, as well as their contemporary willingness to censor game content [even with the R18+ rating] the Australian videogame industry/marketplace is figuratively up the creek (McCrea, 2013).

“Australia became part of a crowded global game production system, beset by the tyranny of distance”

This “tyranny of distance” illustrates the issues of isolation faced by the Australia videogame industry, as more and more talented coders and creatives are moving internationally to chase their game design dreams, leaving this once prison colony, bereft of talent. (McCrea, 2013)


Together these issues, paired with the genre of my game [2D-RPG] being better suited to independent development, explains why my project would be pursued as a ‘Steam Greenlight’. Steam Greenlight provides a cost effective means of getting a game project off the ground and running, facilitating the expanse of a project beyond a pipe dream to a fully realised independent release with a developing community following. This community-aided development would allow community members to write and submit their own suggestions for side-missions and quest story arcs which would in turn be added into the game, adding a degree of participatory culture. This developing community also amounts to how the game would be marketed and distributed.

These benefits are offset by the intense competition of Steam Greenlight, making prospects of success rather slim. Nevertheless, given the intensely political subject matter of ‘Supreme Commander’, I am of the opinion it is best suited to a PC – steam release as a means of reaching a large audience at low costs, which is essential given the low cost of production. Thus concluding my theoretical plans for the release of ‘Supreme Commander’.






  1. Hi Ben, thanks for that engaging post. It is great to see further research into the market of which you plan to distribute your game. After contemplating the narrative of your game it led to question the rating of which you think it would fall under. Would it be rated M?

    It is interesting on how much power is held over the games industry. In class it was mentioned that Fallout 3 was initially disapproved in Australia because characters could heal themselves by injecting Morphine. The developers changed the from Morphine to ‘Med-X’ and the game was approved, the ABC wrote an article on it;
    I find this so fascinating. Great work this semester.

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  2. I found it interesting that you are targeting both the consumer and producer aspect of producing your games. A good place to look at the game market would be best for Steam and smaller Kickstarter websites such as humble bundle which makes good money on cheap games while adding in the aspect of helping charity.

    When you brought up Steam Greenlight I have to admit I had to look it up and could not believe my eyes! That would be a great way to get your game going and give you an audience to back it up! As I have stated above these smaller websites as well as humble bundle and Green man games you can also submit your game to them as well which would be good to look into too.

    I believe you have done great work with your game and now have established every area needed to place it up online. Good Job.

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  3. A good analysis of the Australian market. Steam Green light is a good idea however does it only provide information for you game? If you were struggling to release the game you could also considered making a kick starter for your game which would help bring some money into the development. None the less a really good game idea would pay the high Australian price for this!

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  4. As you stated in the post, the volatile nature of the game would probably let you play the whole “Fly my Pretties” release of a PC Steam distribution. But could you consider that to be a first release version to se if the game was a success or not? with multi platforming being a later thought? just to add some layers to the distribution.

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