Endgame: Finalising Coronades

So as we get closer to the end of the semester, it’s time to finalize our own game designs to a satisfactory level. After spending quite amount of time on the rules and then play testing it with friends, I think that I am fairly close to that level. It’s definitely been fun playing Coronades and I’m excited to finally have a final version ready to go.

So the aim of the game is to have a full royal family of ONE suit (King, Queen, Jack) on one of your thrones. First, all royal cards are shuffled and two are given to each player. These are placed in front of the player as their available thrones. All leftover and then shuffled back into the deck and each person are then dealt seven cards each. Before first round, all players are allowed to place “knights” upon their thrones face down.

First round starts with the person left of the dealer. In each round, every player is given two actions they are allowed to take. These actions include:

Attack a knight = 1 Action

Place a knight/royalty = 1 Action

Pick up personal discard pile = 2 Actions

Challenge discard pile = 2 actions

The purpose of attacking a knight is in order to break down the barriers in acquiring the royal member they are protecting. In order to be successful in an attack the card played must be higher than the knight card. However, if the card defending is of the same suit, it trumps all other suits, disregarding if the number is higher. Ace cards trump all other cards as well but CANNOT be played as knights. After a successful attack, both the played card and defeated card go into the attackers discard pile. If unsuccessful, it goes into the attacked persons discard pile and their knight card is now left face up.

Challenging for someone else’s discard pile involves both players revealing a chosen card from their deck at the same time. The lower card wins, starting from the number 2. If a draw occurs, immediately play the next card available. The winner either takes or holds onto the discard pile but can only pick it up on their next turn. Royalty cards are automatically placed beneath the reigning royal member on the throne of the same suit and constitutes one action in a turn.

While I did take some gameplay elements from other card games, I think I’ve changed them enough for them to not be the main underlying gameplay but rather coalesced into an original game. I’ve had a pretty positive reception from those I’ve played it with so I’m feeling pretty comeptent to finish up a final dossier and design up a good looking rule sheet for the game.

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