Mechanics of my map?

Seeing that I am not making a game, but I am making a map for a game. The mechanics of my map, heavily rely on the mechanics of the game. The social utility of the mechanics for my map however, play on the aspect of multiplayer and cooperative play. The more easily identifiable spots are in my map, the more likely a person is able to make a proper callout (are identifiable names given to areas on map). So communication plays a pretty integral part in competitive play, and with my map I want to make sure players are able to grasp this, and use it to their advantage. I will purposefully place props around my map, as identifiable objects that players can recall from memory. For example, in my middle area, I’m going to have a cut-out area where there will be a tap and a drain prop. Much like the map Mirage, the middle also has a tap, and this familiarity will hopefully spark the callout for this area, and it will be known as “tap”. My map not only plays on the communication aspect, but it also plays on what is fair. I could be a terrible terrible, mean developer and place spawn points in an unfair place, so that one team could get to an area faster than another. However, I have decided to spare this frustration and allow for both teams to get equal opportunity in many different aspects of my map, not only just the timing of the spawn points. I also have created enough cover for both teams to have a fair skirmish, in different areas of my map.

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