The Game


In the last couple weeks of play testing and all of that. I manage to figure it out all the rules background . While I had to figure it out the basic gameplay rule set that would be a feature on my board game, I finally come out with a new solution, pretty happy bout it.

After doing my informal presentation about my board game. Chris advice give me a way more ideas..

So this has inspired me to set a new rules that will be in my final game:



Ability Cards: At the beginning of each game, this ability deck should be shuffle. Each player will draw 2 ability cards at the start of the game. Each Cards will cost certain type of ability that your heroes can used, it contain a diferent range of attack, defend, and special ability.

If player choose to used their Special ability cards, those player will have to discard 2 ability cards in return to activate the Special Ability.

You may draw 1 ability cards each turn


– Item Cards


Each player Draw 2 Item cards at the beginning of the game.

Every 5 turns player allowed to draw 2 item cards.

This item card decks contain a different kind of useful items that some hero can used during the battle (Items cards, Power Up Cards, Helper Cards).


Items cards contain all the necessary equipment, potion, healing potion.


Helper cards contain a cat helper cards or owl helper cards, this will increasing the attack and defends of it heroes, as you got a little sidekick with you.


Powers up card it pretty much a simple card with a number on it, it used for increasing, attack, defends, movement space, and teleport to another alliance tower.


Rule Set:

  • Draw 2 ability card and 2 item card to start the game
  • Movement : left, right, forward, no looking back.
  • Draw 2 Items card every 5 turns
  • You can either choose to used one or two diced after the fifth turns.
  • To start a turn each player roll a dice the one got closet to 1 may start first.
  • Mele range 1 bar, shooters 3 bars
  • Space:
    • Blue Space
    • Red Space
    • Stars
    • Skull space
    • Green smoke
    • X2
    • -4
  • double six from the diced you rolled you may take another turn or draw 2 cards but booth has to be from the same decks.


Win State:

Once a player has destroyed all the tower, they will win


The Game

The game basically start wit 1vs1 player, each player will try their best to defending their base using their heroes. This game can be taken up 15min or more.


During the research of this Rules set and the game background I cross over with one book and one amazing article that explain the whole process of game maker. As I was really struggling with the whole procces of making game, this two article giving me the guidance to start from scracth.

While in doubt of my game mechanism, Byron.C state “KISS- Keep It Simple, Stupid. Any mechanics you use need to be thoroughly tested. Make sure they are right for the game. Complex mechanics may unnecessarily slow the game down, generate confusion, and take away from the enjoyment of the game. The mechanics shouldn’t distract players from the theme (in a non-abstract game) or the strategy (in an abstract). If you are unsure of your mechanics, run them by other designers and gamers first before spending time on art, theme, or further development (2008).”


Until the next post where ill explain the overall of making process.




Byron C, 2008, Game Desing and Self-Publishing- Resources for Aspiring Game,


Schreiber I, Game design concept,


  1. Aesthetically, this game sounds LIT AF, and i appreciate that you are keeping things simple. There is no need to over complicate something that is supposed to remove us from the complications of real life (Pearce, 2006). All in all, very pleased. However, I’m not sure if you mentioned this previously but do you have a theoretical manufacturer for this game or is it going to be digital?


  2. I am so excited about you game because it looks so simple and it seems like a very fast paced game. This game sort of reminds me the Age of Empire, but in a board game setting. I like how the ability cards and item cards setting make this game a lot more interesting, yet from your description it seems like they won’t over complicate the game at all, so job well done there! I guess the only thing that I suggest you to reconsider is @draw 2 items car every 5 turns@, I think if there’s only 2 new item cards every 5 turns might be a bit too long, it might be worthwhile to make it every 3 turns instead?


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