Soccer Starter finalised

With my game almost finalised I am confident that an Alpha version (cardboard and paper) will be ready by the end of this weekend. My game is called Soccer Starter and here is a quick recap of the progress so far. To produce the game has limited costs so far as I am still in Alpha stage and in terms of marketing the game if it were to progress to a Beta stage social media would be ideal due to its low lost and large audience. The game is played on a board which is 16×8 squares. It is a diced based rolling game in which players take turn rolling and moving. Here is the full list of the rules.


– Each player rolls one dice and the player with the highest score kicks off.


– Team must start in a 1-4-4-2 formation.

– Keeper must be place in the goalkeeper box to start inside the 6 yard box

– 4 defenders are placed just outside of the 18 yard box (the second bigger box)

– 4 midfields are to be place two rows in front of the defenders

– 2 strikers of the attacking team are to be placed in the middle of the circle in their half. The 2 defending strikers are to be placed outside of the circle in the defenders half (must respect a one square area around the ball).


– Roll the dice and get a number

– Move the ball the number which is shown on the dice

– Ball can move straight or diagonally. The ball however can only change direction ONCE.

– Ball can move over any pawn on any team.

– After the ball has stopped you may roll again to retrieve the ball.

– Pawns can move straight or diagonally and can only change directions once same as the ball.

– Pawns cannot move through opposition pawns


– Once the attacker has rolled the dice twice; once for the ball and once to try and retrieve the ball it’s the defences turn.

– Defence rolls the dice to try and attack the ball or contest the attacker on the ball.

– If there are two players on the ball they must contest for it.

– Both the attacking and defencing team roll the dice.

– The highest roll wins the ball HOWEVER defenders have +1 on the dice roll if the keeper is involved they have +2 on the dice roll. If the defence wins the ball they are now on offence.

– Once the defence wins the ball they get to roll and move a pawn before they go on offence.


– When contesting for the ball if a player rolls a 1 and another player rolls a 6 then the player with the die roll of 1 has committed a foul and must be yellow carded. A yellow card is placed against the player’s number. If you receive two yellow cards then your players is removed from the field.

– If the defence fouls the attackers in the goal then it is a penalty shot at goal


–  A pawn must be inside the 18 yard box (bigger box) to score a goal.

– If the pawn receives the ball inside the 18 yard box and they win the contest then the attacker gets to shoot straight away.

– When shooting you must roll the shooting dice. A soccer ball means goal, a flag means a corner and GK means goal kick (defenders get ball).

After two play tests the game has been running fairly smooth so far however I have play tested this game on friends who all play soccer and know the rules. I need to play test the game on perhaps a younger audience or an audience that does not know soccer to see if they can understand the rules. A final play test will occur next week in class which will enable any final tweaks to either the board, rules or mechanics of the game. Hopefully it all goes smoothly and my finalised Alpha product is up to my standards. If you have any ideas on how the game can run smoother please let me know!



  1. Love the idea, done already in a game called Football Tactics on Steam. Plays similar to Xcom, in which you manage a team and it is all based on luck and percentages of getting hits, passes and defending. I highly recommend you check it out.


  2. Will this only be a two player game? as obviously in soccer there are only two teams. I definitely think this game could be lots of fun for anyone that is passionate about football, and actually understands the mechanics of the sport. However I feel a challenge you might face could potentially be people playing this game that aren’t familiar with the sport. Maybe you could add in some basic football rules somewhere? Otherwise this sounds like a really awesome game, good luck!


  3. I love how the game is very simple, and it looks very playable to me as well (well I don’t really know because don’t know soccer rules at all). There’s one thing that I do not understands is, “team must start in a 1-4-4-2 formation”, I thought if players are allowed to change the formation, it might add in more tactic and dramatic element to the game. For example, player might be able to choose to have 4 strikers so they have a better chance in the attacking round, but at the same time, obviously, the player will be risking a weaker defence line.


  4. I really like the turn that this game took as a board game, although it doesn’t rely as much on strategy as it does luck it sounds like a quick and fun game to play to fill time. Although I’m disappointed to see the lack of injuries and lack of different player abilities. I also agree with KK with the formation, I feel like there should be more legal options that the players can start of in as formation. Although it changes how the game would kick off It would add more strategy to the game style and how the player wants to play. Did you take into consideration using turns to change formations and how many movements players can make if they aren’t attacking the ball instead; changing positions on the field?


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