1. A really well edited video Dan nice job! I have never played humans vs zombies but have heard and viewed video’s about the event. Your first person experience of the game takes the viewer and immerses them in the game straight away. The added touch of personal interviews adds background information as well. Thoroughly enjoyed the video

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  2. I really enjoyed watching this video! I didn’t even know that the Zombie vs. Humans match was a thing but it seems really fun. The editing works really well and gives a great overview of the game without being too long. It also gives the viewers the perspective of being in the game themselves. Great job!

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  3. Great video Dan!
    It’s great to see what playing through the game is actually like from the point of view of an actual player. I’ve always been curious how these games actually went, because i’ve always seen them advertised around, and i’ve always wanted to join in!


  4. Really loved this video Dan, was well produced despite being obviously unpredictable and undoubtedly difficult to plan beforehand but I think you absolutely nailed your representation of the Nerf community. Active, imaginative, semi-serious, diverse, but most importantly in it to have a bunch of fun haha. Go Pro was a particularly great aspect of the video; this made your adventure immersive and obviously kept your hands free of an otherwise bulky piece of equipment. Just a little nit-pick that I doubt you’re not aware of, it’s 4:3 ratio while 16:9 would have made things a bit easier to view. Oh, and don’t forget the video is unlisted! Just in case you want it to be public and get some more attention, because I think it’d be a great promotional piece of material for the next Nerf event at UOW 🙂


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