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Well into the term, our game projects should be well underway and looking spiffy. My game, Remnants of Dream, is complete in the sense that I have completed what can only be described as a demo.

But even as a demo, I think I have achieved something pretty cool, and I can’t wait to work further on this game. I most definitely will be working on this game, even after the DIGC310 course is over, until it is completed.

On the topic of Remnants of Dreams, I received comments from EmilyGegg and TheRussianBlue on my last post about various topics.

In terms of the battle mechanics of Fire Emblem and Xenoblade, I’m afraid to say that the software I am using to create Remnants of Dream, while mostly intuitive, is nowhere near allowing enough to implement any other type of battle mechanic than the Final Fantasy style battle mechanic. While this style of battle is a choice enforced by the program, it is also effective because it is a tested mechanic that works.

I also feel that it would bring more meaning to my game, especially later on, because you can see the characters more clearly in battle struggling against each other, which is important because the world of Floria and its inhabitants are an analogy of the main characters psychology, and the main characters purpose in Floria is to defeat or accept the inhabitants who represent her insecurities.

In terms of the world of Floria making reference to Verity’s interests, it will definitely happen. As the game goes on, more of Verity’s character will be revealed to the player and the visual representation of her mind/Floria will begin to take on more meaning.

What has also been asked is what other games have influenced my design decisions and story choices.

Design Decisions:

Games that have influenced my design decisions include:

  • Dreaming Mary: for its use of information and exploration driven and thought provoking gameplay
  • Bioshock: for its use of player choice affecting the outcome of the story
  • Various Final Fantasy games: for their battle mechanics

Story Inspirations:

Various games have been very inspirational for Remnants of Dream, each contributing in their own ways. Games that have influenced the story of Remnants of Dream include:

  • Dreaming Mary: in its entirety, especially its premise in that the whole world is a dream concocted by the main character
  • Undertale: one of the more recent games that I have played with a story that was just breathtaking
  • Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean and Baten Kaitos Origins: both of these games are ones that I cherish, I felt that the story’s they brought to life were incredibly moving and beautiful, they will always hold a place in my heart.
  • Various Legend of Zelda games: many of these games I played growing up, and I can still remember playing them back when I was in primary school. I believe they have influenced my love for the stories that games present.

To finish off, I want to talk briefly about RPG Maker MV, mods, and the incredible Yanfly. Moore (2005) says mods are the product of more technically demanding creative practices which result in additional software (pg. 104). Although talking about mods for games which alter the original game, I think this principle can be applied to game creation software such as RPG Maker MV.

Yanfly is an independent creator of RPG Maker MV plugins/scripts, which I believe can be viewed as mods, in the sense that they are add on software that alters the original RPG Maker.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But why make mods? Moore (2005) explains that modders create these extensions for these works because they want to explore the technology and discover what potential the software has for the creation of new content (pg. 105). Yanfly, in this vein, is also interested in discovering the potential of RPG Maker MV, but is more so invested in supporting indie game makers by creating these free resources so that others can utilise RPG Maker MV to its fullest capacity,  which is expanded by Yanfly’s plugins.

Because Yanfly’s plugins are free to use, we can view them as belonging to ‘The Commons,’ which Moore (2005) says, in the digital environment, information and cultural products located here are not restricted by a lack of physical resources nor are they reduced by overuse, they can be copied and distributed endlessly (pg. 108). The only thing that Yanfly asks in return for use of their plugins, is that fair attribution be made in the game’s credits to Yanfly or Yanfly Engine, and that a free copy of your game would be appreciated.

Using RPG Maker MV at first has been slightly limiting, but Yanfly’s plugins have greatly extended the capabilities of the program. Mods are most definitely important in the gaming community.


Moore, C 2005, Commonising The Enclosure: Online Games and Reforming Intellectual Property Regimes, Australian Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp: 100-114.


  1. Hi Jacob,

    I like the work you’ve done on this demo and I’m keen to see it in the flesh!
    I am particularly excited about the Yanfly mods that allow for skill learning systems to be put into place, adding another layer of choice for the player, and perhaps providing a more personalised experience. Also exciting that they are free (because who wouldn’t be excited about free stuff???)

    One thing I was wondering with Yanfly was about the limitations. I see Blossom is an Enchantress, and was wondering if there would be opportunities for players to change classes of their characters so that they have access to different skills and powers? I do realise that because of the limitations of the software this may not be possible, as well as the knowledge that you are really concentrating on world and character building and not as much about the mechanics.

    I don’t really have much else to say except: good job 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Emily!

      In regards to class changing systems, there are mods available from Yanfly that would allow that, however I am not sold on introducing the system into my game. Players will potentially only have 2 party members for the majority of the game, so I am more focused on thinking of abilities that the two main characters would have that can serve them for the entirety of the game. Picking up more characters for your party is possible, but they are only available depending on the choices you make in the game.

      I do like the class changing system in other games, but I think it only really works if you have a party of more than two, as you can have a wider range of classes and abilities divided among the members of your team, which is something that isn’t really an option for my game. I have been toying with the idea of additional party members that you can summon, like the Disney characters in Kingdom Hearts, but I still need to think it through.

      Thank you for commenting and bringing this up! And thank you for the kind words, Emily! 🙂


  2. I can’t wait to see the demo and am really enjoying reading about your progress, you’ve come such a long way! Bioshock is possibly my favourite game ever so I’m really excited to see the influence of that in something so different, like your game.

    Perhaps to get around the limitations you have with the design and mechanics of fighting, you could write detailed dialogue that explains the characters struggles and feelings? Perhaps not ideal, but you are only one person, when you get your first investor you can focus on that further 😉


  3. Really good exploration of mods. You’re not wrong when you say the program severely limits your creative ambitions, since you need to work within the parameters of RPG Maker. Although Mods allow a bit more breathing space, at the end of the day your project will still work within the given mould provided by the program, unless you have the knowledge to rework the program entirely.

    However despite the limitations, the program is excellent and intuitive, and I can really see that your project ideas could be achieved and presented well with what you have to work with.

    If you want to experiment with character progression btw, I recommend working with scripts and variables – there’re a lot of fantastic YouTube tutorials which I had to consult that I reccomend checking out. One neat trick I’ve been using is, for example, if you want to have a character who’s dialogue changes as they begin to like or trust you, make a variable for that character, and set it so everytime the character does something for that person, it adds another point to that variable, allowing you to create new opportunities for the player to interact with the character.

    If you want to learn more, I recommend checking out Echo607’s tutorial series, she’s awesome:

    At this stage, I’d recommend fleshing out a nice chunk of your world just so you can provide the class with a demo. The player feedback the demo allows is what will help determine your final creative decisions.

    All the best.


  4. Youre game is looking like its really coming together and im more than excited to keep reading these updates. Mods are most definitely a very important part in the gaming industury. They add a new element to games and offer an extension to what we already know.

    Its interesting to see all your inpirations for your design and your sotyr line. This only makes me more keen. You have an awesome mix of games there that youve pulled ideas from and I think with a lot of thought and a keen mind you can definitely create something awesome. With games like Undertale and Legend of Zelda games, I can only expect you to have a breathetaking and beautiful story. These games are impecciple when it comes to story. I grew up being, and am still obsessed with the Legend of Zelda series. I have adored it since I was about 8 years old and my love only grew stronger. The stories are amazing and beautiful and I believe it is them that captured my love for the series. I think taking inspiration from games like these is important because it will hopefully mean you will mirror a similar thing. Your passion for story and for these games also seems like you will create a master peice. Passion is just as important as anything else.

    Keen to see your game happen, well done and goodluck!


  5. I think that even though your chosen engine may be somewhat limiting mechanics wise, you’ve chosen to create an engaging set of characters and a intriguing world in order to improve on the immersiveness. There are plenty of games that have taken pretty simple mechanics, including Bioshock which you mentioned, that were still critically acclaimed for their world building and atmosphere over their gameplay, even though they still had a solid game on their hands.


  6. Hello Jacob,

    It’s good to see that your project is coming along nicely. The program you have selected to design your game, in my opinion is a good choice for people starting out. There are a lot of complicated programs out there and trust me I should know.

    I think it’s a good idea that your using Yanfly’s mods. They are an inexpensive way of adding detail to your game and that it has opened the ability to take even more control inside RPG Maker MV. I can’t wait to see it completed.


  7. Jacob, I like the work you’ve done on this demo and I’m keen to see it in the flesh!

    I am particularly excited about the Yanfly mods that allow for skill learning systems to be put into place, adding another layer of choice for the player, and perhaps providing a more personalized experience.

    Bookmarked the website.


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