One Of Us Is Not Like The Other (Part 3)

Chracter Sleve.jpg

A few weeks back I had 2 awesome individuals play test my game. It turned out great! From the atmosphere I assume that everyone did enjoy themselves. From the play test I manage to get some feedback for the game and I found out that one of the issues the game was experiencing was the shortage of instants cards to interrupt the story teller. I had already added some extra cards into the deck but I was afraid if I added more. Players will be getting to many interruption cards.

The second problem I noticed in the game was that players were not using their creatures ability cards as much as I would have hoped for. At first I had plan to make the creature cards the same size as the rest of the card. After doing more research and searching up the lore’s of the different creatures. A card size is way too small to fit it all.  So I decide to make the description cards slightly bigger. Currently the size is of an A5 paper but smaller.

For the design I had some troubles with it as sometimes I had no idea what I did and I completely screwed up the whole thing. I had to start back at least 2 to 3 times. In the end I came up with something like this.


It wasn’t too bad until I started adding some words to it and found out the cracks on the paper made it a little hard to read. So I changed the background and looks perfect great. The card shows you what creature did you get and the lore behind it. It’s important for players to read the lore as one of the essential game mechanics is that the storyteller has to end the game with their creature as the ending.

After filling in the lore and the creature’s ability, there was still some space to spare. I was still figuring out how to add more interruption cards without increasing the amount of cards I already have. It then occur to me why not a passive ability. The ability is specially made to target certain cards. For example if a player uses the word father you may interrupt that person and continue the story. This ability is specially targeted towards certain cards and gives players that extra interruption they need. All abilities can only be used once as it would become fairly unbalance if everyone keeps using their ability. I also added an additional rule that if a person uses their ability that becomes an immediate interruption. Unlike the passive where you would have to wait for someone to actually say the word in order for it to activate.


Still having space I added the symbols of the different cards at the bottom of the creature card so players may know what each cards category is. The cards itself does not state the category they are in as there is just no space in it but the symbols are there. By adding this extra creature description card not only was I able to better explain the characters to the players. It was also able to add an additional interruption that may help balance out the game. Either way I would have to test this out in the next class. To whoever is interested in trying the game out please help me play test it!Card Sleve.jpg


  1. The design of your character cards are coming along brilliantly, I can imagine they would help those players who didn’t understand too much of the lore behind the creature. It is also quite visually appealing and I’m sure many gamers (like me) would appreciate how much effort has gone into making the game look pretty. It seems as if you’ve almost finalized the rules and only need to tweak it a little once you do another play test. How many characters are you planning to make? I think this is another way that you can create an expansion for this game, not only by including more word cards, but also including more mythical creatures (possibly a phoenix, a unicorn – the list goes on). Love how your game is shaping up, great work!


    1. Thank you!! It took a lot of searching to find these art. So far there are 8 creatures but you are right. I was thinking of doing an expansion pack cause there are so many more creatures to actually add on. Hopefully when I can finalise the rules of this game then I can think about the expansion haha.


  2. Hi Ivan! I really like where this is headed! I am really blown away by the quality of the art you are incorporating into your game! It looks breathe-taking. I think the incorporation of passive abilities was a good idea in that it is going to make the game trickier to play, something we can all appreciate. I also like how you added the card symbols to the monster cards for ease of reference. I think it is going to make your game mechanics a lot easier to follow! Keep up the good work!


  3. From the design and effort I can see from the pictures and art you have produced I wished I tried out your game as well! It looks amazing and I bet would be awesome to play. It also reminded me of a game I played a long time ago called, ‘Five Tribes’ which I believe would benefit to your game if you haven’t played or seen the game yourself. (Look at the design of the Genes to help you in your monsters. I think maybe you should make a list of all the characters and go from there to make an easier maybe even simpler version to explain to the audience. Good Work!


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