Alphas,BETAs and Playtesting

In the more recent years of gaming, updates have been a huge part of games, especially online and multi-player  games, whether or not its new weapons, mechanics to  the game or even just a bug fix within a game. Game devs have kind  of come up with a sort of  solution to early game fixes and successful tests. Alpha models of games are the very early parts of the incomplete game coming together. Alpha models may or may not work,  nor are they entirely expected to. Once the game is very near finished, the games play testing versions may be released and played to certain audiences. These come in the from of BETA modes and BETA periods. There are different types of BETA periods such as closed and open BETA modes, one being a  special invite or  successful application, and others are just  open for anybody that wants to play. The BETA mode allows for the devs to look into game balancing, bugs, weapons and mechanics all before an official release of the game. This also becomes testing waters for servers and even positive or  negative feedback on the game and whether or not people found it enjoyable or not.


With our Game Dossiers, the play testing and creating that we will be doing during the semester will allow us to constantly play “BETA” versions of  our game. This aspect will give each of us an insight into each others games, how they play, how they feel  and even whether or  not we like them. Although the ‘release date’ of our assignments rapidly approaches, we may not see a complete version of our own games or dossiers, we may just see a whole bunch of “BETA” versions.


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  1. I hope I get to experience your map in an open beta environment :), I too realize how close the deadline for the game dossier’s are, and it looks as if my CS:GO map will have to be released in an unfinished beta version, however, it will be functional. If you too plan to release your map into beta, I suggest having players give you feedback on areas of the map for you to change, FMPONE does this and makes regular changes to his maps, currently his maps inferno and cache are getting a rework!


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