expose yourself

I have a working title: Expose Yourself. It plays upon the centrality of exposure in the game’s design, that all-to-familiar mantra from clients, “I’ll pay you in exposure”, while also being a double entendre to play to the tongue-in-cheek nature of the game.


  • Pay 1 Cash to ‘survive’
  • Draw 2 cards from the deck
  • Move jobs on the field to the next ‘day’
  • Choose to begin new jobs from hand before ending their go.




Fabulous site for printing various components, linking to other websites with a short summary of the site, what they offer, and why the writer thinks they are good.

Worst case scenario: I’m a graphic designer with plenty of experience dealing with printers in the local area.  I could always work a prototype print through these connections.




At a glance, printing looks difficult because they are not currently standard board sizes.  Could be easily solved if boards mirrored the style of yu-gi-oh boards; that is to say, they were folded paper.



3D Printed?

Freelance; Part Time; Full Time; MISC (effect cards);
Characters; Red Bull?
I want to move away from the “Good Design >> Fast >> Cheap>>” model because I’m removing the chance to earn money from the freelancer jobs.  Perhaps a small illustration of the cards instead.



Planning on moving away from the venn diagram style of illustration; although I love the design and concept behind it, it throws off the balance of the money component, making it too easy to obtain if it is utilised in the freelance jobs, keeping to the venn diagram concept.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 5.10.57 pm

Printing cards is the easiest part of manufacturing.


PLAYTEST OVERVIEW (things identified in the posts as working/need work; mostly the latter though)



  1. Hi!
    As well as being quite unique, your idea looks very well thought out. The mechanics and rules seem to be taking shape and will become more defined through play testing! I’m not sure what you’re planning but will players be able to effect (screw up/sabotage) other players? Or will it be more of a focus on who can get the most exposure the quickest? I think either way will have its own interesting benefits!


  2. Hi!

    I think as Chris pointed out in the tutorial, your game aesthetics are brilliant. I’m a huge fan of the card design in particular, which features all the necessary details without being cluttered or clunky. I believe it was mentioned above as well, but if you could find a way to implement a sabotage mechanic, where other players could intentionally throw others off-track, that might add another interesting aspect to your game.

    Having said that, I am also working on a card game, and can totally sympathise with how much easier it is to say, than it is to actually implement. However, if you can find some logical way to do so, that doesn’t compromise the overall flow of the game, or seem like a tacked-on mechanic, I would definitely explore that option.

    I’m loving the name haha.

    Great work!

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  3. Hey, I absolutely adore this project, and I really think as an actual product this could take of. You’re really resonating with this whole relatable culture of freelance work online and trying to find an audience somewhere, meanwhile balancing your ambitions with jobs to keep food on the table. I really like how you’re approaching it with a sense of humour too, as that’s going to totally boost the game’s longevity and charm factor!

    I also like how your project opens itself up to expansion packs, and even custom player made content 🙂

    And also the Venn Diagrams, the Venn Diagrams are SO suitable: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/81/95/e8/8195e8cca4c858fbcbebfad51578ec2e.jpg

    Am interested to hear, were there any particular games you’ve played that inspired your idea, or that are similar?
    All the best!

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  4. Expose Yourself is a game where everyone can relate too. Really keen on seeing how this game develops into. Some of the jobs you create can have a special feature into it. Such as working at an event and they provide food for you for the day. This can be another way for players to survive the day. You can also create some cards that will affect the players while they work. Such as a black out happen so they only get paid for half the amount they were suppose to get. Or minimum wages has increased so anyone working at the moment gets paid 2 dollars more. Hope this helps!

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