A change in pace for project – Dick Move

So, in discovering that I had extreme difficulty using GameMaker and creating the art, coding and general work necessary to build a game, I decided to move to an analogue game. I based it on the idea that in most board games, either a sense of co-operation is required or you are pitted against each other the entire way through, constantly competing. I wanted to try and mix these ideas in a way where working together was the only way to progress the game forward, but ultimately, there was only one winner and it became a Cold War of waiting to see who backstabs first.

The working title is “Dick Move”, which is a catchcry from my group of friends when someone does something underhand and generally shitty to others. I wanted this to be the general mood of the game, with people being mad and betraying each other in the dickiest ways possible. I am unsure of how this will work entirely, but I am thinking the easiest and most convenient way is the combining of resources to purchase squares forward towards an end goal area. This gives reasonable motivation to work together, provides opportunities for collaboration of several players and gives ample areas for sabotaging other players through various abilities and cards.

The idea I am struggling with the most is the design of the board, and how it will be laid out, but that issue will be dealt with when I have more of the mechanics sorted and decided on.

This is all, as I continue to develop and work on the idea behind this and how best to execute it.

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  1. Hi RJ853! What an interesting idea you’ve got there. I like your concept of blending teamwork and cooperation while encouraging a selfish play style. I’m curious as to what mechanics you’ll end up incorporating that utilise these aspects. For this to work however, I believe you need to incorporate some real tough penalties for going solo, I feel you need a really compelling risk/reward strategy.


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