Siege The Day: An Update

After the lecture talk from Chris’ ex-student who is now locally running his own modest game business through print-to-order online services, I  was inspired to really go all out and engage with the online resources available to me. Additionally, I thought instead of a wall of text I’d describe my progress with a visual forms of communication and show some of my efforts to reach out to the community for assistance and ideas.

Initial probing for feasibility (link)

Despite this initial less-than-hopeful response, I began to postulate on using the aforementioned ‘aggressive grain filter’ to act as a sort of found-footage narrative device or just as an implied camera operator surveying the situation from safety.

Checking back in, I found this forum user had amended a later post giving me hope again that I could still achieve my goal of having extensive directorial control over camera placement saying:


With renewed confidence, I spent a lot of time researching this feature and going over the video, however when I attempted to engage in this mode I discovered it’s only available in custom LAN games, not any games that are taking place on proper, populated servers. Additionally, it requires a full server to even start a match, so when I find people willing to participate and help me out I’ll also need other people to help fill out the numbers. Something tells me I’m going to have to find another way to do this, as that simply isn’t realistic.

Another problem I’ve encountered is the lack of HUD removal options. While there is an extensive list of toggles to either turn on or off, that list doesn’t include HUD elements such as score, player characters still alive, or on-screen reminders of vital key functions. While this mightn’t be such an issue by itself, combined with the inexplicably broken ‘Widescreen Letterbox’ function that is intended to ‘render the game at 19:6 with black bars for a more cinematic experience’ makes this project even more frustrating than it ought to be.


Siege lying to my face

After posting in Steam forums where discussion about the game is rabid, I got some hopeful responses saying that supposedly in Spectator mode (aforementioned) you can toggle HUD completely, and another poster offhandedly mentioned an unnamed streamer managed to dig through the code and disable it but he couldn’t remember where he’d heard of this.

While I appreciate any help available, the search continues for an easy solution continues. I’ve heard rumors of a DLC character being unveiled soon that utilizes customization cameras as a gadget which would be immeasurably helpful for filming should I fail to work out the custom matches problem.




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