Playtest #1: My freelance game.

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The first playtest is always an interesting one.  It’s the playtest you have where you know everything will be extremely dodgy and nothing will work, but you can’t quite figure out how to solve these problems yet; hence turning to a collective audience seems like a great idea.  What follows isn’t exactly a play through of the game, but rather long discussion between turns about what should or shouldn’t be allowed (or perhaps that’s just the wonderful group of friends I had surrounding me: shoutout to Bernice, Ben, and Daniel for staying back at Church with me until 1am when none of us could function anymore).


One of the things that I had discussed with another friend (thanks Jonny), was the need to keep track of turns in a way which didn’t involve me…

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  1. Hey!!

    I really enjoyed the visual resources and links you have shared in your post. What would make your post even better would be a Google doc with clear rules outlined. Congratulations for the amount of effort you have given to playtest your game…. not once but numerous times, you must have good friends! What I like the most about your game, is the ability for extensions/ additions to be made once the final prototype has been created. In correlation to this week task I was wondering who is Freelancer’s main target audience? Who will you choose to distribute and market the game towards? I had a quick search on the internet and I came across this site , it’s a Careers website in Wales that is a government website that provides games to help people understand employment, how interesting.

    Love your work, I would love to help playtest next class.

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