Map Making in HammerSDK

The HammerSDK (Source Developers Kit) is a free tool that you can download on steam and use to create Maps for any Source engine based game (CS:S, CS:GO, Garry’s Mod etc.). I  will be using this tool to create my CS:GO Map, in the video below, You  will see my progress working on the very early stages of the Map and how the HammerSDK is used to create Maps. In the video I even play test it myself to see what the map will look like in game and whether or not it physically works.

So far learning how to use the SDK has not been hard. The program itself is very basic and very self explanatory although I personally have experience with other 3D programs. What is complicated is texturing parts of the maps and making it look good and not repeated. In the video  two of the buildings constructed are very much a good example of what doesn’t look good and the complications of texturing. I have textured one of the buildings to be covered in windows  but there is something very uncanny about it. The fact that the building only has windows and a flat surface is disturbing and not good to look at within the game, although it has made it easier for me to lay down marks for the map. Another building in the middle is just a giant block that is covered in a drug  advertisement and is only textured that way for  visibility and attention that it needs to be worked on.

The largest problem that I have come across so far within my map is the lighting. Without lighting the map is practically pitch black. This is noticeable in the video where I first start  the map and spawn. The only thing that is visible is the truck  and that is only because of the way the object reflects another texture and not the map itself. Because of light physics in 3D programs that I don’t fully understand yet, their is only one light in the map so far and that is the sun, which is why the outside light looks good and inside looks terribly dark. Other than the lighting and texturing modelling and building isn’t too hard within  the SDK, especially when alot of the objects such as fences and crates are already available to use.

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  1. The lighting definitely is the hardest parts, just like in real life photography you have to set up scenes to look aesthetically pleasing and to make sure the shadows aren’t too harsh, etc. A guy on youtube has a plethora of tutorials for you to use at your expense, his name is 3kliksphilip. There are many tutorial’s ranging from lighting, to creating functioning doors, to adding chickens to your level!


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