Map Drafting – What works and doesn’t

So what works with my map making initially, is just the layout. Before I touch on anything aesthetic, I must work out the ultimate balance and symmetry, that works in competitive play. What doesn’t work at the moment, obviously is the aesthetic. So when I say aesthetic, I mean the texturing of the map, the fine details and props added into each area, the lighting, the sound. The entire experience outside of the play, is what I want to achieve next in my map making.

So I found in creating my map, the way I’m currently doing it, with basic developer textures and simple geometry, I am able to visualize the flow of gameplay and am able to adapt and change the map accordingly.



Take these screenshots for example, of the SDK hammer software I am using to make this map, the layout of the map is very very primitive, but as I touched in my previous blog posts I have the basic map protocol. Which is; 2 bomb sites, 2 spawn points, connectors and a middle area. So I can say the layout of my map is locked down, I can now start to evolve my ideas into the map. I have plans to raise one bomb site and to lower the other one, to give the map a dimension. I also plan to paint the geometry, so the ground is perfectly flat, to allow for immersion.

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