Survive: Update

My board game survive has practically been built in my head already. I have the aesthetics, game mechanics and design pretty well finished off, the only things I need to complete for the game now are logistical and production problems.

My intended audience for Survive is ages 13+ but I wanted to primarily target people 18+ so that more complicated scenarios and obstacles can be brought into the game. I don’t plan on advertising the game anywhere, but if I was to sell this game online, I would advertise it on game-related websites, and perhaps try and sponsor a video with some game-genre youtube channels to promote my game.

I’m considering making the game 18+ or 16+ to include more ‘entertaining’ cards in each deck

I’ve looked at this website which offers some decently priced cards, but with 4 decks, it would cost $48 per game, which isn’t exactly economical…

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  1. Hey Jake if you’re worried about cost and don’t really intend on selling the game then I would avoid the aesthetics part of it and just make your cards out of cardboard haha then if the games becomes really popular you could look into developing production costs. I think its a really cool idea though and would be keen to play a beta version!


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