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  1. Hi Daniel,
    I was wondering what sort of cards players would be placing down on the stack. You talk about meeting supply and demand, so what is being supplied and what is the demand for? Is it kind of like Settlers of Catan where people are trying to collect and give out certain resources like wood to reach a certain goal of building. You game seems to have the theme of stockbrokers, so the supply and demand would centre around the stocks they are trying to offload, yes? How does one put their stocks on the stack to get rid of them and win the game? Are there certain conditions that need to be met to do this? I was also thinking that you could stick with the theme of the pushy stockbrokers but maybe they are in a strange future where stocks no longer exist and they are out of work and are trying to sell people ridiculous stuff to stay alive. Perhaps going back to the idea of selling ice to eskimos 😛 I think there is potential to create your own sort of theme out of this game, and perhaps make it a little more humorous (if that is a direction you’d be interested in pursuing) but still sticking to the core game mechanics


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